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Totally rocks! This goes up with Knox's stuff, even better, and it's only a preview! Wow!

Seriously dude, loving clay-mation. You should start on a whole new series or something. I love it.

Smooth animation, lovely graphics, nice style, and the sound fitted in well with the Flash. Awesome!!


I didn't get the storyline much, but this rocked. It was weird, and good.

The animation fitted perfectly in sync and it was so random, to me. Probably not too you though.

I liked the japanese style, and animations with that style of cat are really fun to watch. I could watch this again and again, I love it.

Good job.


Not really a graphic intensive Flash, but it probablly survived by it's humour, which it was really funny. Did you make the song? If so thats even funnier, if it was a random downoad, it's still cool, but yeah.. lol. You could of had your own characters, but I rarely watch South Park so if it was from that it was cool.

Lol, it was random, which i'm not a big fan of, unless its a really smoothly animated and drawn Flash.

I personally wouldn't of scored it so high, around a 3 is ok, but I have no idea why this got so high? Is there something else?

RupeeClock responds:

I voted 5 everyday. (this used to be scored 1.80!)

Hey, it was only my first flash, but thanks for the honest review! :D

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Nice game! I was real nice, the controls where different from most games like this, space; jump, etc. so it took a while to get used to it. I loved the art, well done Dan, and it was real nice gameplay. I expected something more because of all the hype in the forums, but still it was amazing.

Glad it got DF, well done.

DanPaladin responds:

thank you!

yeah, let's blame Glaiel. there was supposed to be no hype :)


Love it, it's real fun. I haven't really played something like this, so watching this was a real break from the old ''all the same'' basic games. I liked the accuracy to it to, that was a nice feature.

It was good that most of the words were Christmas re-lated, so that made it better ^.^

Nice job with it, and I hope you make some more festive games! Haha!


I liked it, but it was too slow for the turning, you need to improve on that. The graphics where a nice touch, I really liked it, however it was just a bit too confusing. You didn't really state what is what so I got confused -- even though I know about the flags and stuff etc. etc.

The graphics were, like I said, real nice, and I liked it how it was birds eye view, and it was different to jump than to other games, hehe. That was cool. I liked that touch.

All the best.

Your style is real nice, keep it up. Make some more festive games, or join a collaberation with someone and you've got a sweet submission here :-)

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Nice, but it uses too much default sounds. The piano was a bit too un-realistic because it was so fast, but I really liked it as it got into it!

Nice job, its really fun to listen to too.

Dj-Rec0il responds:

1:st there is no default sounds at all the guitar is slayer 2 and the piano is another plug-in. 2:nd. the piano isnt sopsoed 2 sound realistic either anyway im pleased that you liked it

:) So weird

That is so random, and weird. :-/

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Hahaha, but funny yes? :)

Check out the rest of my audio, each piece is humourous. You should review them too, I respond to all you know :)

Anyway, thanks for the review

Peace Out, Afro Stud


I thought it was going to be a spoof of the south park going "Going down to south park gona meet some friends of mine" but no, it was 1000% much better.

You should release an album full of parodies. Haha.

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