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Nice game! I was real nice, the controls where different from most games like this, space; jump, etc. so it took a while to get used to it. I loved the art, well done Dan, and it was real nice gameplay. I expected something more because of all the hype in the forums, but still it was amazing.

Glad it got DF, well done.

DanPaladin responds:

thank you!

yeah, let's blame Glaiel. there was supposed to be no hype :)


Love it, it's real fun. I haven't really played something like this, so watching this was a real break from the old ''all the same'' basic games. I liked the accuracy to it to, that was a nice feature.

It was good that most of the words were Christmas re-lated, so that made it better ^.^

Nice job with it, and I hope you make some more festive games! Haha!


I liked it, but it was too slow for the turning, you need to improve on that. The graphics where a nice touch, I really liked it, however it was just a bit too confusing. You didn't really state what is what so I got confused -- even though I know about the flags and stuff etc. etc.

The graphics were, like I said, real nice, and I liked it how it was birds eye view, and it was different to jump than to other games, hehe. That was cool. I liked that touch.

All the best.

Your style is real nice, keep it up. Make some more festive games, or join a collaberation with someone and you've got a sweet submission here :-)


This is really cool, I have never seen a Flash like this, and its a real nice style! The background is really fun, and the graphics were really nice. I think it perfectly fitted a poker style game, and it's really good too.

The interactivity was really clever, and I know how hard work a card game can be to build, so you get kudos for that.

I really like how you can bet different values, other games you can only just have "+50" or something, this is different. I cannot believe it has such a low score :-/


Really enjoyable, I got up to 400 points on single player mode, its great that your score makes your red-ness goes down, that was an awesome thing to do. And I really liked the controling of the bacteria. Its an awesome time-waster, but now my fingers hurt from playing it.

If this is your first game, well done. Really well done, its amazing! I love it. Much better than what I was doing ;-)

You should make some more games, and realease them. It was nice. Good job.


Did not like it one bit, there are so much easier ways of making it, and now, people are going to make useless mouse avioder games, which people vote high on, and then the animators aren't as highly praised on thier work.

The tutorial was also bad, the red text with a grey background did not work, you couldn't read it, OR even select it! Also, the colour scheme was bad, and so was the animation in the examples - do you know wha a motion tween is, ya?

I think you can improve on this alot, but if you do.. don't submit it again please. Tutorials are good, but ones like this isn't.

Real sorry man. I would of blammed it but its already passed :x


This is awesome, really nice. I love it how its actually like driving a real car, and you actually need some skill to it. Its really nice how it feels like a car too with the speed.

The AI you did an awesome, really nice, job on. And the map creator was an awesome touch, I was confused on how you get out of the map and play it. o.O Meep lol.

The maps are really big too, which was an added bonus, and it was so fun playing. I could play this again, without doubt.

WallArcher responds:

Good to see someone who actually likes driving the car as it is, 'realistic' like this.
You can't play self made maps, but you could send me the map code if you figured out how to have the editor generate it :D
Thanks anyway.

Ouch ,I love it.

Armor Games pulls off another awesome game! I love it, its a bit too voilent for me, but the graphics, interactivity, all rocks. Is this for the Armor Games challenge? If so, I think this may just have a real good shot at getting #1.

I like the style, and the smoothness of the animation, also you have spent alot of time on this game, I can see it. With the backgrounds and all.

Real nice work here man, keep it up.

MasterFury responds:

nup, this game isn't for the challange at all, I will be entering the challange when I make armor dude 2.

I only spent a few days making this one, I wanted to make a quick and fun game.

Also this is my first high level of violence submition I've made.


Happy belated Inglor day. And nice submission.

However, when you press restart, the guy falls through the floor, then if you keep tapping space bar he goes up, through the roof, and it seems like he just stays there. I got past like 100 bombs, so yeah, haha. :-)

Nice work though, but fix the bugs. Awesome games though guys.

Love it.

Lovely, really nice work here man. :-)

I like it how you can also go back, but its actually suprising hard to get past level 2, and its annoying that you need to go back to level 1. It should reset back to level 2.

I liked your other game too, but you shouldn't submit 2 on the same day, it gets a bit suspicious though ;-)

Nice work, and how do you get through level 2?

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