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Totally rocks! This goes up with Knox's stuff, even better, and it's only a preview! Wow!

Seriously dude, loving clay-mation. You should start on a whole new series or something. I love it.

Smooth animation, lovely graphics, nice style, and the sound fitted in well with the Flash. Awesome!!


I didn't get the storyline much, but this rocked. It was weird, and good.

The animation fitted perfectly in sync and it was so random, to me. Probably not too you though.

I liked the japanese style, and animations with that style of cat are really fun to watch. I could watch this again and again, I love it.

Good job.


Not really a graphic intensive Flash, but it probablly survived by it's humour, which it was really funny. Did you make the song? If so thats even funnier, if it was a random downoad, it's still cool, but yeah.. lol. You could of had your own characters, but I rarely watch South Park so if it was from that it was cool.

Lol, it was random, which i'm not a big fan of, unless its a really smoothly animated and drawn Flash.

I personally wouldn't of scored it so high, around a 3 is ok, but I have no idea why this got so high? Is there something else?

RupeeClock responds:

I voted 5 everyday. (this used to be scored 1.80!)

Hey, it was only my first flash, but thanks for the honest review! :D


I never liked to like sprites, but this.. this is amazing. Awesome job man! Also I saw the banana dancing dude, only a bit, in like the 2nd scene. Hehe.

I love the animation in this, it's amazing to see what can be done with a bit of imagination and some sprites. Awesome work. Did you make them yourselves too? If so, awesome job.

Daily feature, has to be :-)

O yeah, great sound acting and awesome sound quality to!


It was a good start, the graphics were ok. You could improve on the backgrounds and objects, they didnt look 3D. And the animation was quite poor. Try adding in some shading and shadows to the characters and stuff.. bring them to life! It would rock then. Also add in different shades of colours into backgrounds.

I think it was nice how you stopped the Flash and it zoomed into the character to see what thier name was. I thought that was cool.

The reason why it got through, is most likely because of its length. Its a good example to those who want to create animations, but the grahpics where poor.

Nice work, and I can see alot of effort, as in you didn't just leave it out, was put into it. :-)


You just got a graphics tablet? This was lovely, really nice! Smooth animation, and lovely drawings, all in proportion, and it actually looked like a real person.. serious. It wasnt traced was it? If not, it was that good o.O

I liked the music, I think it fit the style of the flash video perfectly, it was real nice.

After I kept on watching it, it just amazed me, it was awesome, really. How long did it take you? Ouch!

The only bad side was the abrupt ending, and the sound wasnt set to stream. Haha.

Add some colour in and you got a perfect, perfect, animation.

It was good.

Nice animation, even though sprites aren't my favourite things. But I really liked the song, Green Day are good, and people never use them in thier animations. The menu was funny, it was a SS theme, which is good, as that is what you wanted to portray, however, I don't like the SS that much, bad reputation, so if this is your first Flash like this; get away from it.

People hate the SS, and your sprite animation is actually good. I hope you make some more.

BigMike-Sidelka responds:

umm..whats SS? I never heard of them (or that)


Its rare that I give movies 10/10, but this.. this rocked dude. Seriously. Nice job here :-) I love the people where they were fighting on the yellow paper; that was actually amazing. Man, your animation and graphics rock. I wish I could draw as good/similar to you. Really it rocks. The humour was funny, not really the beginning, but yeah, it got better. I saw the story-line slowing coming together.

I loved the part on the AIM conversation, that was amazing, I loved it how it didn't say anything, so you read it.. it made it even funnier. The part where the guy came in was real funny too, it was just like movies. The people dancing in the scene asfter that.. was actually amazing, really. They were so life like, just like all your characters.

I just love it. I'm going to stop this review, and watch the movie. :-)


Nice graphics, I really liked it. But the sound was dodgy. Some voices were real loud, and others were really quiet. That needed to be changed. Especially when the guy shouted.

The graphics were good, but the animation wasn't. There was hardly any animation was which boring. I'm sure you'll be alright at animating, no? Your good at drawing, and all it is is drawing alot of different frames. :-/

Anyway, the style was nice, it was a good changed, it was like old-school which was real nice! Haha, nice touch.

The humour was funny, with the square root of 4 = 2. That was good.

The ending was a let down, again with the bad sound quality :'(

DrDeath2k3 responds:

I even agree that the sound was fucked.

And yes, I think I can animate. This isn't my first flash ya know.
Check out "The Kingpin" series. They are crappy, but I think I animated them alright.

Anyway, thanks for the review. You atleast thought it out and put time into it. Thanks.


Not a big fan of glocks/clocks/blocks, or whatever you say, and to be honest I wasn't a big fan of your last movie.

The ''easter eggs'' where way to obviously, and there was too many of them, nice idea in there, but it didn't work well.

Try and get a properly storyline, and get off the clock/glock/block style of Flash, it's not good for you.

The backgrounds could of had a bit more shading in too, just to make it more realistic, but nice drawing of the present. That was the best bit of the Flash -.- Lol.

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